Occupied Forest 3'x3' Table

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 The Occupied Forest 3x3 Table simulates one of the many battles where the Empire has taken over a forest planet. Filled with foreboding objectives, line of sight blockers and elevated terrain, this table can be played as-is in a skirmish match or combined with another 3x3 table to create a full table experience.

This 1/2 table includes:

1- Imperial Command Base
1 - Imperial Deflector Shield Dish
1 - MZee Tree Large Imperial Platform
2- MZee Tree Medium Imperial Platforms
1- Imperial Fencing
3- Imperial Treaded Walkways
3 - Imperial Ladders
1 - Forest MZee Tree - Short
1 - Forest MZee Tree - Medium
1 - Forest MZee Tree - Tall
2 - Forest MZee Tree - Trunk
1 - Forest Scatter Stump

1 - Set of Natural Barriers - Stone

This set is available HAND-PAINTED, so it's ready to be used right out of the box.

The unpainted version is sold with no paint and is printed with black filament.

Any miniatures shown are for scale and not included with this set.