Desert Village 3'x3' Table

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 This half-table immerses your troops in the sandy desert village on the outskirts of civilization. This set features multi-level platforms big enough to hold snipers or even full units of troopers as well as large line of sight blockers which can protect your vehicles.

This 1/2 table includes:

1 - Rebel Stronghold

1 - Rebel Hideout

1 - Desert City Dwelling

1 - Merchant's Hut

1 - Farmer's Hut

1 - Villager's Hut

1 - Burned Out Farmer's Hut

1 - Burned Out Villager's Hut

1 - Rusted Fence Set

This set is available HAND-PAINTED, so it's ready to be used right out of the package.

The unpainted version is sold with no paint, and is printed with black filament.