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CT-5 Variable Reclamation Module

CT-5 Variable Reclamation Module

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This CT-5 Variable Reclamation Module adds line-of-sight blocking terrain to your gaming tabletop.  Designed to create the look of a SCI-FI chemical processing plant, you can imagine what sorts of beneficial or dangerous fluids can be removed from the slurries that swirl inside this device. Use it as an objective for "Key Positions" or as great cover from a AT-ST.

To complete the look of your chemical processing facility, add these items to your cart now!

This 3D-Printed model is available HAND-PAINTED to be tabletop ready and includes 3 hand-painted chemical barrels.

The unpainted version is 3D printed with black filament and unpainted barrels in either black or yellow filament, depending on supply.

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