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Ice Planet Trench Set

Ice Planet Trench Set

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Trench Warfare.... Nothing is worse. Just waiting for the enemy to close on you takes a great deal of nerve. But if we can hold the enemy off just a little while so the ships can get away, it'll all be worth it.

The battle that occurred on this Ice Planet was one of the epic stories from the war. Large walkers, snow speeders, laser turrets, and trench warfare was at the heart of the story. Now you can relive the battle with this Trench Set!

We have 4 Trench Sets to choose from! These Trench Sets do an incredible job of  breaking the table into small sections while providing great cover. Each piece can be connected to any other piece in any other set, so it is highly configurable. Make a few long trenches or several small ones, the choice is up to you! This allows your table to be different EVERY time!

These Trench Sets work perfect with:

Ion Cannon

Rebel Base

Shield Generators

Laser Turrets

Sunken Walker Set

Imperial Walker Set

Snow Grates

Natural Barriers

This piece is available HAND-PAINTED, so it's ready to be used right out of the package.

The unpainted version is sold with no paint and is printed with black or grey filament.

Any figures or extra background terrain pieces in the pictures are shown for scale and not part of the purchase.

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