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LegionTower Watchtower

LegionTower Watchtower

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There is a reason the Empire was able to take over the galaxy, they were able to keep a close eye on their enemies... and their friends. How did they do it? By having these watchtowers throughout the galaxy! This is the perfect piece to top a LegionTower piece like a LegionTower Tube Tower or LegionTower Elevator. It gives great cover to a sniper or scout.

It is stack-able with our other Tower pieces such as:

Or you could save some cash and buy one of our sets such as:

This piece is available HAND-PAINTED, so it's ready to be used right out of the package.

The unpainted version is sold with no paint and is printed with black or grey filament.

Any figures or extra background terrain pieces in the pictures are shown for scale and not part of the purchase.

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