Something (really) big is coming.

Something (really) big is coming.

When I first heard of Star Wars Legion, the Imperial Walker crashed in the snow or buried in the sand was something I imagined on my tabletop.  The idea of a vehicle so terrifying to ground forces, literally brought to it's knees was something that inspired me to start modelling in 3D.

I started with the foot and leg, trying to imagine what might have happened to the rest of the body - not really having a story.  My first one was out of scale and wobbly, lacking the support the leg needed to stand on its own. It's on my top shelf, a reminder of where I started just a few months ago.

I improved it and scaled it based on information and photos I could find, like the iconic one of the foot crushing the Snowspeeder from Empire.

My first customers loved the piece, and honestly, it's always been my favorite. I loved that each player could pose it, reconfigure it, and support the story of their board. Plus, that tilted leg makes a perfect heavy cover barricade.

But...I did get some feedback that the scale still was off.

I measured. I looked at still frames from the Star Wars franchise. I searched for schematics. I even rough-designed a whole Imperial Walker to make sure that the what I was printing made sense.

I finally arrived at a scale that compromises between my original model and some of the information online about the "true" size of the Imperial Walker.

It's bigger.

I made some additional changes to the components of the pieces as I studied more and even changed angles of the models to make it workable on the battlefield. Like it's predecessor, it's reconfigurable and "buried", but as you can see...size matters.

But what about the old model?

Scale in the game Star Wars Legion seems to be kind of a range. There are lots of questions about it and few answers. When I put troopers next to the T-47 from FFG, I think "where do they put their legs?".

I still believe the old model is at a scale that makes good sense on most tabletops. Images from the original movies line up really well for "compact" version of my Imperial Walker pieces. People who play with the compact versions on their table love them. I do too.

I'll be sending a special offer to my customers who have purchased the compact pieces in the coming weeks, and they'll be the first to know what's coming next.

Whether you want something massive on your tabletop, or you prefer something a little more compact, my first four Imperial Walker pieces add a great backstory to your Star Wars Legion tabletop.

New True Scale Pieces

Compact Scale Pieces

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Good stuff, Rob. Thanks for the great prices and the personal note you included with my order. Let me know if you ever want to trade website work or graphic design for terrain.

Michael W

Exceptional quality and his prices are wonderfully fair. I can’t wait to get the new larger AtAt feet!

Dylan S

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